Thursday, March 7, 2013

Curriculum Mortis!

Another release on the Ultra-Sonido label:

Maximum Rock'n'Roll review:

CURRICULUM MORTIS – “Sentencia de Muerte” LP
Damn, could this be any fucking cooler?! Originally released as a demo in 1988, Sentencia de Muerte is SLAYER-worshipping Peruvian metalpunk of the highest order, one of those bands where you have to instantly wonder why they’re not a household name by now. With an awesomely blown-out guitar tone that’s somewhere between DISCLOSE and Mexican psych masters KALEIDOSCOPE, CURRICULUM MORTIS go straight for the jugular with fast, anthemic riffs, twisted vocal snarls and the occasional crawling breakdown. If you can’t handle an absurd guitar solo or seven then this might not be for you, but the rest of us can enjoy what is hands-down one of the most fun records I’ve heard in ages; seriously, I’d trade a thousand generic thrash revival bands for one CURRICULUM MORTIS any day. Those of you who worship at the altar of SACRILEGE—and ultra lo-fi morbidity in general—do not sleep on this. (WB)
(Ultra Sonido)


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