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(Renato takes time out of his day for a quick nap)

We here at the MASSTROPICAS office have known Renato Suciedad Rodriguez for some time now. I first heard of CHAPILLACS from tunchi about 4 years ago and asked them to do a 45 as my first release. The now legendary 45 is sold out in the US but you can still get copies from Renato who is also known for his great design work and posters which you will become to know more and more as the year goes on!

What is your first memory of hearing PERUVIAN CUMBIA?
That might be since I was a child I would go out with my grandmother; to the street markets and there you could listen all different types of music, Huaynos, Criolla, CHICHA, a different mixture. Maybe my first memory of listening to CHICHA would be a TV Commercials that Chacalon did for AIWA, that was probably around 1987. In my house there was a lot of Rock only, I started listening to cassettes because with my brother we shared a great passion for music.In 1992 I moved from Lima to Tacna, a border town, south; and there I had contact with CUMBIA (Raw and psych CHICHA). I was not too much into the music at first but I started paying attention to the scene cause in those days I began playing music and I wanted to see live music. The lady who worked at my cousins house was a radio DJ for a CUMBIA station. Her artistic name was ''Jessica Lander'' We would call to her show and started harassing her. She would always loose control on air!!!

How did you get into graphic design?
Back in those days, 92-93; when I lived in Tacna I started my First band called ''SUCIEDAD ANONIMA'' we played dirty punk rock, very Raw and comical. So I started developing the graphics that had that same properties as my band. Concerts, radio shows, I also did covers for some mix tapes for some girls I liked. Before when I was a kid I also liked skateboarding so I really liked the graphics with intense colors and wild figures. Late 80's. When I finished School I went to Art School. So I started getting more involved with graphics...

Are there any sights that you see you on a daily basis that influence your art?
In Arequipa, the way the city is constructed and in general the architecture of any place. I like walking around and looking for spots to place posters. Looking for hand painted publicity. I always try to carry a camera, or something to record sounds. A pen and paper for some ideas or words. I always go to ''La Cachina'' (flea Market) where I find inspirational material every time I go.

What for you is the difference between CUMBIA from Arequipa and CUMBIA from Lima?
I've been listening to Los Figuers, Los Espias, and Jawar, all from different times than each other, all from Arequipa. Los Espias don't sound so much different from the bands from Lima. Jawar, Los Figuers are different, their sound is very nostalgic, very influenced by Huaynos and music from the Upper Andes. Maybe that is the main difference between the Arequipa and Lima Cumbia, our traditional music is different; Lima is a mixture and the province has more roots. Lately the massive popularity of CUMBIA DEL NORTE is making that a lot of CUMBIA bands try to sound the same, playing radio hits.

What for you defines "CHICHA" and why are there so many misconceptions about it?
CHICHA is a drink made with corn. It gets fermented and when you drink it, it will make you very drunk. In terms of music I can assure you that CHICHA will do the same.
The sound of CHICHA is the blend of our tradition with our PRESENT and FUTURE.

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