Thursday, March 21, 2013

5 questions with Ryan Richardson.

Ryan Richardson runs the site as well as Being a fellow collector of records and artifacts I felt it was time to ask him 5 questions. On Ryan archived and wrote a tremendous amount about Masstropicas favorite label Dangerhouse Records. Please also visit his Ryebreadrodeo site to purchase any rare punk items that you've been searching out for all these years. ENJOY!

1. What is your first memory of hearing music?

The Cliff Hangers game on The Price Is Right... or something like that.

 2. What sparked your interest in collecting and archiving music?
Collecting started with walruses and Smurfs and music took over when KISS drifted across my five-year-old radar.  The punk rock archiving grew out of my gut-level enjoyment of the music and all its related ephemera and artifacts that somehow survived -- sometimes miraculously -- long enough to land in my hands.  These many years later, it's basically a moral imperative that I brush this stuff off, gussy it up and find it a warm, dry place to stay whether it's my house or some other aficionado's.

3. Where is the strangest place you've gone to dig for vinyl?
In my experience, the strange bubbles up not in locales but in situations. A "strange dig" from years ago that comes to mind: trading Confederate currency (found in the attic of a rental house in Oklahoma) for punk records with a falling-down-drunk Dallas denizen who continually fell down drunk on his bed full of rare records and automatic weapons.  At the time, my concern was less with an accidental shooting and more with a creased picture sleeve.  I never did locate the Confederate belt buckle he requested in trade for the Dicks "Hate The Police" EP.

4. Greatest punk label ever and why?
The answer is easy and as American as apple pie: Dangerhouse. They consistently picked, participated in and produced some of LA's finest punk bands and did all of it with a standard of DIY creativity that remains peerless.    

5. Best food in Texas?
Nearly everyone will answer central Texas barbeque (and they're not wrong), but Zeke's deep fried delights in Fort Worth are the best in my book.

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Durch Kamin said...

Ah yes, my best friend and roomate at the time Scott Edgerton(RIP).
All good Ryan, i got the belt buckle for him later that month in Hillsboro. Sure miss that dude.

Jack Control