Wednesday, March 23, 2011


With some minor delays the compilation should be out by late April. It is currently at the pressing plant and we should be getting test presses very soon! We'll have a video with a song from the test pressing up when we get them in the coming week.


matt said...

any more info? a drop date or clips? thanks

djbongohead said...

Yes I agree with Matt - please give us a little more info about this package on your site Mike, that might be nice for folks. But let me say this: no worries, if you are wondering if this is interesting or decent material - because I assure you, it's top top notch and FRESH - this record is a must have and a great value too, people (with the bonus 7") - get it now, y'all and enjoy a whole other vibe!! Especially dope because it's the LATER, lesser known sound of Peruvian cumbia - some other comps of Peruvian sounds are from the 60s-70s but this is a bit after that for the most part - late 70s-early 80s and there's some really cool effects, synths, and guitar jams on here for you freaks that dig that stuff. Totally different from New York salsa but equally funky and afro-influenced. More dancer friendly than old-school salsa for rhythm-challenged gringos, matter of fact. I have DJ-ed this music in the USA and people go nuts for it, it's like "Where has this been all my life, Mr. DJ??" No kidding! If you love classic roots reggae, it's kind of comparable, has that skanking funky roots ghetto vibe. Enjoy, familia!!