Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Tunchi is not only a helping hand in the world of masstropicas but he is also a very close friend that I've known for quite a while and spent many nights drinking and having fun with in Lima. Enjoy five questions with TUNCHI!

What is your first memory of hearing Peruvian CUMBIA?

I remember when I was a kid, my relatives and parent’s parties dancing with Cuarteto Continental, in the late 80s.

Why photographs and not painting?

Because I don't have the patience to paint, I like drawing but not painting, before I took photos I would draw a lot in school during class. Photography is faster to do, and I like.

Is there a Peruvian photographer that has had a great influence on your work?

Not in this moment, first I decided to go out with a camera to the streets, and then I learned about other photographers thanks to internet and friends. I like the photography of Chino Domínguez.

Have you ever been put into any dangerous situations while taking photographs?

Yes, I paid taxes to the streets twice. Once a gang of faites rob me and took all my stuff, and other day three guys with a gun rob my camera in the night.

What for you defines "chicha" and why are there so many misconceptions about it?

I don't think "CHICHA" can be defined, because that "concept" was not born in a

classroom with books, it’s something social, subjective, that has meaning with a way of life with lots of Peruvians, musicians, business’, food, life in general. I think there are misconceptions because people that are not involved with "CHICHA" try to explain what is, and they live and think in a different way, and people that are really involved don't care about explaining it, they are trying to make money and do their best with their lives.

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