Monday, May 7, 2012


Sorry for the long overdue update. The Jharis 12" and Sensacion Shipibo 7" have been out for a month and are both available threw,, and many other mail-order shops. Hurry because there are only 100 copies left of the 12" and 7" and as with all MT releases it is a one time pressing.

We would also like to commend our friends over at Hausfrau Records in Cleveland and Standards in San Diego who both have great selections and have all available Masstropicas titles.

The Sensacion Shipibo 7" was also the record of the day over at WFMU! Sometime this month there will be a limited edition cover (40 copies) available threw LITA!

Next month will bring forth another release from the MAG vaults! More soon....

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Sugar45 said...

Nothing is Trashy Mike.

The first package never arrived...after many emails and no correspondence I send 2 same comments in your blog...after this you told me that you are going to send a second package with some extra stuff....nothing arrived I simply asked the tracking number to make sure where the second package is...never send tracking number for both packages...too strange for me...I do really want to support your stuff...if you really send the second package just simply send me the tracking number..if not please please mike forward $30 to this email in advance.

Kind Regards,

--- On Tue, 7/17/12, mike p wrote:

From: mike p
Subject: Re: New message from Greece.
To: "Savvas Hantzaridis"
Date: Tuesday, July 17, 2012, 4:27 PM

hey i saw something y on my blog saying something like the email you sent. now im sending you back your money and im going to call back the parcel i sent. give me your paypal address so i cans end you back the money sorry but that is trashy.