Monday, November 28, 2011


Here is a photo of Martin Lopez(Grupo Naranja) holding a copy of El Sonido de Tupac Amaru compilation proudly in his hands.

In other news...The Grupo 2000 LP should be available threw any day now and is well worth the wait. The Cantos Icaros cassette is also now in-house as well so order away, there will be no re-press and it's a one shot deal.

Up next we have a live cassette by Morbo as well as a Los Jharis 12" EP and SensaciĆ³n Shipibo 45 that will come with the Jharis 12". 2012 looks like another exciting year for Mass Tropicas as we are working on a lot of 45 releases as well as our first ever CD(I know). Thanks to everyone who buys our releases and supports us, it means a lot!

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