Tuesday, September 27, 2011


The Grupo 2000 LP released has been delayed due to some problems but should not be delayed too much longer after OCT.18th.

Up next we have a cassette coming out of Placido from Sensacion Shipibo singing icaros on cassette.
This is to help him fund re-building his home which was lost in a fire in Pucallpa last month. He and his wife and 2 sons are trying to get by and slowly rebuild his home.

The cassette will cost $12 and is limited to 100 copies. Sensacion Shipibo have a 45 due out in November on Masstropicas. They play a new style of cumbia from the Jungle called CUMBIA-MASHA which was pioneered by Los Shipis the group they all played in prior to Sensacion Shipibo.

Sorry but no samples, send your money and be surprised and delighted. You are a music lover not a business man. The cover is posted at the top so look with your eyeballs and enjoy.

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